Loving Hut Claremont Company info and Business line

Loving Hut Claremont is created with the vision that all beings can live in peace, love and harmony with each other. All of our menu items are made with organic, wholesome, plant-based ingredients.

Loving Hut Claremont believes that a plant-based diet is healthier, more compassionate, and is the only sustainable diet for the whole planet. We invite you to the world of delicious vegan cuisine. Bon appétit!

Loving Hut Claremont’s menu is very uniquely designed, its fusion, Gourmet which has large variety of food from different nations, such as American sandwiches, burgers, Salad, soups, Italian pasta, pizza, Mexican cuisines and Chinese cuisines, etc. They are very flavorful and tasty, full of freshness and energy. Thousands of customers are so attracted by its great cuisine making and keep return to us to have wonderful enjoyment and experiences.

Loving Hut Claremont also serve Gluten Free dishes and also special food care menu for people who has diabetic problems and heart troubled customers. We also supply custom designed food to be your private carter Chief or being your family kitchen to lighten up your family life.

We do the followings:

  • Take Out & Dining
  • Delivery
  • Frozen & Dried Foods Sales
  • Catering
  • Special family Chief /kitchen program

  • Being an organic, green cuisine restaurant, we have already and will continue to contribute the following benefits to our customers:


    • Many of our customers have reported weight loss by switching to a plant based diet. One in particular informed us that she lost substantial weight and looks years younger after eating out at our restaurant for six months.
    • One of our ex-employees has completely recovered from cancer and few other cancer patients have told us that their health is improving after switching to an organic and vegan diet.
    • Some of our diabetic customers have shared with us that they can indulge in our vegan cheese cake and ice cream without worrying about it affecting their blood sugar. With our new diabetic menu, we will be able to help more diabetic customers now.
    • Those with allergic conditions too have reported that their symptoms have been reduced dramatically after eating gluten free organic, vegan food.


    • Our food is not only healthy, vibrant and life affirming, but it’s also delicious and flavorful. Many have responded with surprise at its full flavor. Some of our customers have informed us that our menu items were “even better than regular meat.” They also told us that our food made them energetic, upbeat and alert. One couple would order the same menu item each time they visited us, because they were new to vegan food and didn’t have much faith in its taste. One day we encouraged them to try other menu items. Every dish they tried they loved and have a very different perception of vegan food since the experience.
    • The tasteful cuisine has created many returning customers, not only those who are vegan but also vegetarians and meat eaters as well.


    • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) created by Monsanto and other bio-engineering companies have not only stripped our soil of its nutrients, but they have also minimized the nutrients in the plants. Nutrient rich crops can only be harvested through organic farming. Due to the toxic pesticide chemicals and fertilizers used in growing GMO crops. GMO products can never give enough nutrients to its plants and they keep damaging the land of our living. Only organic produce contains 100% natural nutrients and leave our soil healthy enough to accumulate enough natural fertilizers to help all food plants to grow with enough vitamins and minerals. At the same time this keeps our forests and farms clear of the chemical damage and pollution, saving our land in most natural way. By balancing our resources, we can live in a more sustainable, beautiful environment. To encourage organic farming and restore our damaged soil, we need to switch our eating from GMO food to organic food, That is what Claremont loving Hut has been doing and it produces further enhancements and returns our soil to its natural state. Future generations will thank us for this.

    More live savings and world peace

    • Over the last twenty years scientific research has revealed that all modern disease are closely related to the large consuming of animal meats. The saturated fat and high cholesterol from meat are the leading factors of our modern diseases, millions of people died due to the new modern diseases, At the same time, the factory farming also creates a tremendous amount of suffering for animals. Furthermore, the antibiotics and growth hormones fed to factory farmed animals reinforce bacterial resistance among the animals as well as the human population. Eating the meat of these GMO feed fed, unhealthy, and unhappy animals are not nutritious. It adds to chronic illness. On the other hand, nature has given human being enough proteins, such as soy protein, which contains more than 32% proteins which is higher than meat, yet it has no saturated fat and high cholesterols. Switching to a plant-based diet will help put our health back on track and steer clear from those modern diseases. At the same time, we have saved.

    why we want to start this Go-Green Community buildup project

    Simply because our mission is to lead people to live in a healthy life style and support environment sustainable, eco balance and protect all life beings. And we are the only restaurant in town to offer totally Organic and plant-based food. But why organic plant-based food can achieve our goal? Ok, let us give you the answers.

    • Plant-based Organic food is simply the healthiest food on earth since they are naturally grown with no GMO, No hormones, No Chemicals and Pesticides, No Antibiotics and Medicines, No Saturated fats and bad cholesterol, thus they are the cleanest food with most of the nutrients and minerals , full of good proteins and nutrients that our bodies need. The more we eat plan-based organic food like Loving Hut Claremont restaurant offers to us, the better investment returns on our health will be achieved.

      Now, why is organic better than GMO? and What is GMO? GMO means genetically-modified organisms. All life of plants and animals contain genes. And they are designed by natural law before human beings began to tinker with it. Genes are DNA of all life forms, the blue prints of all life. All genes already know each other and accept or reject each other. When we ingest food, our bodies break it down to the essential compounds. Our bodies either accept or reject the genetic material within our food. Generally, it is accepted as an edible organic system, otherwise, the body's defense system will jump the gun to kill the unrecognized gene or any ingredients with that gene. When that happens, an allergy occurs, and over time that will alter our health in negative ways. GMO products are plant products containing man-made genes which most organisms cannot recognize or accept, then cause allergies. Most of the GMO products have pesticides that work with new genes which are purposely designed to kill other insects that eat that plant. But human beings genes are over 90% the same as any other living animals including insects too, so to kill other insects effectively from the products itself means it will kill human being too. It can either instantly kill human life like the insects, or most of time is slowly through sicknesses and illness. At the same time, GMO products still have to use special kind of chemicals to support the growing of them and those chemicals are naturally being transferred into our body when we eat GMO products, thus damage our health. Another defect of GMO production is due to the new gene put into the plant or gene being altered, this plant is no longer able to produce seeds for its next generation, so its life of continuation is cut off. Scientists have done many experiments and tests on the results of this and found out many animals that eat GMO products quickly lost the capability of birth new children, their sperm becomes defective, not productive or unnatural genetic mutation occurs. This could happen to us over time if we continue to eat GMO foods.

      Beside the GMO problem, large meat eating is another major reason we are damaging our health. Scientists have proven through over 20 year’s study that all modern disease, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressures, etc. come from heavy meat consumption. The main reason that meat has brought so much damage to our health is: meat protein comes with saturated fat which clogs our blood vessels. Also meat comes with bad cholesterol. When these two factors come into our body, they change our PH into an acidic base, and an acidic base is also a foundation of all the above diseases. All bad cells will grow from the acidic base. So when we change to plant-based food, we can stay away from the saturated fat or bad cholesterols. Our PH will become alkaloid, which will kill all the bad cells.

    • Our living environment can go back to nature due to the law of Supply and Demand of our diet. This will upgrade our living environment to a better sustainable, eco-balanced Greener world which heavily contributes to our health and our life quality. The current conventional food (including all GMO products) has damaged our natural land big time. It took away the natural fertilizer and the organic life of our mother nature, by increasing chemicals, pesticides usage in agriculture production. But if once you used the GMO seeds, then you are essentially forced to continue producing GMO products since GMO products would never leave you any seeds for your next crops. You have to buy those GMO seeds from Monsanto Company again and again, along with the chemical fertilizers used in their production. GMO production causes our land to lose the capability of producing organic nutrition and minerals (the way natural fertilizers do) in our food, sooner or later, all natural farms in our country will become big chemical factories, and everything it grows will become like chemical products without organic nutrients and minerals. It means that we are going to live in a big chemical factory and keep putting chemical products into our mouth. How can that be healthy? What we are eating is no longer real food but man-made chemical products. Testing figures shows, as an example, an organically grown spinach normally contains about 200mg iron, but the GMO spinach only contains about 5mg, sometime even 0mg. that means what you eat is not spinach any more, but a spinach-like substitute with color and water. The fact is: If we keep making GMO products, we will soon change all the land into chemical fertilizer land which will heavily damage the air quality, while runoff into rivers and oceans will pollute sea life. Our entire earth will become a chemical soup. Beside the GMO production problems to our environment, the animal farming industry is another big problems to our health. The meat farming industry use tons of Hormones, Antibiotics and other type of medicines to control animals productions in torturous living conditions. All of these cruelties and unhealthy feeding have brought tremendous suffering to animals’ life, and cause a lot of diseases among those animals, or sudden death. So eating those unhealthy, unhappy animal meats will add in extra damage to our health, especially when they are fed with all GMO grains which will pass onto us, together with all above medications and hormones. The Meat industry also wasted a lot of food and natural resources. 2/3 of the world grain production goes to the meat industry, which is a huge waste of resources, including destruction of the forests for animal farm land, water, waste and pollution. Do we want to see that happens to us or to our future generations? Our answer is NO. So let’s invest on our health with Loving Hut Claremont and work together to support organic farming, eat organic food. Refuse GMO products.

    • While we invest our health on organic and plant-based food, pledge to build up a true Go-Green community, we will at the same time, gain our power of love back to ourselves, to our community and our big family. Our life will steer clear from animal killing, away from violence, away from sickness and illness. Our mind will be peaceful and happy all the time. So switching our diet to healthy eating is not just about changing our eating habits, but a new start of a healthier and happier life. Isn't that most peoples’ life goal? Isn’t this our most valuable and most rewarding investment on us? If you see the benefits of this project as we see, then let’s work together to make the pledge into reality.